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[ 학술논문 ] 일부 치위생(학)과 학생들의 윤리적 책임감에 대한 연구


논문명(국문) 일부 치위생(학)과 학생들의 윤리적 책임감에 대한 연구
논문명(영문) Ethical Responsibility of Dental Hygiene Students
저자 배성숙, 노희진, 홍수민
발행기관 한국학교ㆍ지역보건교육학회
초록 Purpose: This study was conducted to investigate the ethical responsibility and necessity of dental ethics education of dental hygiene students. Methods: Questionnaire was surveyed for 192 in dental hygiene students from October 14th to 18th, 2010. The ethical responsibility of the subjects was measured with the descriptive analyses and one-way ANOVA using SAS 9.2. Results: The findings were as follows 1. 82.8% of respondents received ethics instruction. 2. with regard to responsibility value of respondents, to clients and to colleagues were 3.71 (0.80) and 3.63 (0.82) was higher level than 3.49 (0.74) as individuals. 3. As for responsibility as individuals, item of personal health was the lowest value. 4. An advocate for the welfare of clients was the lowest value item concerning responsibility to clients. 5. As for responsibility to colleagues, constructive conflict management was the lowest item. Conclusion: This study reveals that dental hygiene students need to promote ethical responsibility and ethics instruction should be reinforced within dental hygiene curriculum.
키워드 Dental ethics education, Ethics instruction, Ethical responsibility
접근경로 한국학교보건교육학회지 = The journal of Korean society for school health education / v.14 no.3, 2013년, pp.41-50
작성자 CRE 등록일 2016-09-07
출처 한국학교ㆍ지역보건교육학회 연도 2013