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[ 학술논문 ] 고등학생의 쓰기 윤리 실태 연구


논문명(국문) 고등학생의 쓰기 윤리 실태 연구
논문명(영문) A Study on Actual Condition of Writing Ethics among High School Students
저자 강민경
발행기관 국어교육학회
초록 “Ethics of writing” has been added to the 2009 Korean Language Education Curriculum. In order to teach ethics of writing, it is important to understand the actual condition of writing ethics among students. The purpose of this study is to provide basic materials for writing ethics education and examine problems that researchers of Korean language education need to solve. Until now, studies on the actual condition of writing ethics among middle/high school students have been mostly conducted by quantitative research. In this study, I conduct qualitative research to compensate limit of quantitative research and understand the actual tendency of student's writing ethics. This study analyzes student's compositions on why we violate ethics of writing by using NVvivo 9, a computer program specialized in qualitative research. The results are categorized as “student”, “society and culture” and “school”, “Student” category includes several aspects of performance assessment, ethics of writing itself, affective factors, writing competence, linguistic habits, ethicality, etc. “Society and culture” category includes several aspects of Information Technology, ethics of writing itself, ethicality, etc. “School” category is composed of educational climate, conduct of performance assessment. The items of each category are arranged in order of frequency. Based on these results, this study proposes necessary improvements in relation to education contents, teacher' conduct of performance assessment and writing education.
키워드 쓰기(writing), 쓰기 윤리(ethics of writing, writing ethics), 쓰기 윤리 교육(writing ethics education), 질적 연구(qualitative research)
접근경로 국어교육연구 / v.50, 2012년, pp.1-36
작성자 CRE 등록일 2016-09-07
출처 국어교육학회 연도 2012